What does fashion have to do with the weather? It has to do with the fact that one compensates for the other, and together they impact our lives. And today this is so evident that denying it is no longer possible.

Nobody likes to suffer from the cold: it makes you lazy even to do what you usually love to do. Not even is pleasant suffering from that suffocating heat that saps your strength and always makes you feel ready for a shower instead of an evening with friends.

This is why in winter we dress with fabrics that keep us warm, while in summer with those that let our body breathe. This is what fashion has to do with the weather!

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And let's not talk about those temperature variations of 10/15°C on the same day, or for a few days, which give you a cold when things go well, or a stiff neck or a stiff back if we are not ready to cover ourselves or uncover ourselves with the right clothing.

Yes, the climate already affects our health if what we wear does not respond to the need caused: Fashion and Weather balance each other for our well-being!

But when the weather conditions, with their vagaries, go far beyond innocent whims and become overwhelmingly dangerous with phenomena so new that we are not ready to defend ourselves - water bombs in fact does not sound as fun (because they aren't) as they were water balloons at the end of school – perhaps we understand how the weather affects our lives. The recent flood in Emilia Romagna, and the very recent one in Tuscany, sadly illustrate its severity. And all the attention this topic deserves: the change in atmospheric phenomena.

Climate changes in Nature occur cyclically, but not at a perceivable rate over the course of a human lifetime.

It has long been known that our lifestyle, based on consumerism - to keep the economy going, on which our work depends, i.e. the way of obtaining sustenance given that we do not find food on trees or spontaneously in the fridge - he was “exasperated”. Extreme and accelerated. Everything must always be more, the latest version. “Better” according to the marketing of multinationals and big brands that can pay skilled communicators, the new preachers. 

Disasters such as torrential rains and flooding or long periods without rain with damage to crops, and consequent increases in food prices, do not seem to us to improve our living conditions. And to you?

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Also because the phenomenon is not local. Weather is a global topic.

Its change now requires another: our life habits. These are choices, sometimes even small ones, that we can make right away. It is an awareness and a form of respect towards ourselves - given that the air we breathe and the food we eat does not come from Jupiter - which we can put into practice simply by reducing the superfluous things that fill our houses for example. How many clothes are there crammed into the wardrobe, purchased to be in the latest fashion, they cost so little, even if in the end we always wear those three or four in which we feel good inside?

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We have a small and simple idea, to redesign a way of living that is less burdensome for the climate and the environment, which does not upset our routine, if anything simplifies it! To see it look here

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