50s Skirt

The 50'S SKIRT is the one with wide pleats, with the strap on the waistline, to underline the wasp waist, which, although not very tight, makes the figure slimmer.

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In its history almost as long as the man, the skirt was used indifferently by men and women. But it was precisely in the middle of the last century that it took the form in which we know it today.

In the 1950s, the New Look version skirt, as Christian Dior called it matched with the narrow jacket, had great success.

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Actually, it seems that his undoubted credit lies in having internationally spread the inspiration that came to him from Germana Marucelli

Nata ad inizio ‘900 in una famiglia di sarti toscani, creò questo stile incentrato sulla vita da vespa all’apice della sua maturità sartoriale, sviluppata prima e durante la seconda guerra mondiale tra la bottega di Milano e le sfilate di Parigi. Abile anticipatrice di tendenze, la Marucelli seppe interpretare il bisogno delle sue clienti milionarie, di vestire non solo il loro corpo, ma anche i loro desideri. E aprì così le porte di quello che oggi tutti conosciamo come “ Made in Italy”.

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The 1950s model, chosen by film stars such as Rita Hayworth and Marlene Diethrich who first wanted it, was widespread in women's fashion even among all those who were capable of sewing their own clothes at home.

The young Dior launched the iconic suit in 1947, for which he was inspired by the fashion of 1915, more comfortable and less charming than the previous one.

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But he adapted the model to the silhouette according to the standards of the new social context, that of the post-war period: practicality without sacrificing femininity! Women in fact, while men were to the front, took male tasks and positions for economic needs. It was then that the female chest was outlined in tight jackets or corsets up to the waistline, from where the skirt opens like a "corolla", so that hips and legs have maximum freedom of movement.

GONNA ANNI 50 tessuto jaquard allse

Today, like then, the 50s skirt makes your body well-proportioned and armonious to see, even whit flat shoes, without limiting the agility needed to the dinamism of the contemporary life.

The only rule to respect, the same from the beginning, è that the large skirt be matched to a narrow top, shirt, sweater or jacket, to underline the waistline e slim the body shape in its total vision. It is a game of shapes and volumes that always works, even if you are not a pin up, but you have a waistline slimmer than the pelvis.

We at SheSide have taken this old-style model and made it from vintage transformable and transversal to every use and taste.

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