Rock style: it makes your heart beat not only on Valentine's

ROCK STYLEis the one that messes up the classic rules with unusual, if not audacious, combinations.

It combines punk elements, therefore basically black, such as leather jackets or shoes with lug soles with romantic or chic garments. For this it reactivates the synapses. And sometimes even coronaries, especially if the outfit is heated by a shocking red, the color of the heart, and of passion.

That's why the rock one is the perfect look for an unforgettable Valentine's Day.

Stile rock - gonne anni 50 made in Italy SheSide Italian 50s skirt Rock Style

Well you know: " it is not love without fight ". But the desired quarrel between ripped jeans and an elegant Chanel fabric jacket, or between a tulle skirt and military combat boots, or between a biker jacket and a bon ton skirt, is always pleasantly impertinent. And it can be fun to read it in the eyes of others and transform it into something more… for those who want to understand!


In confidence, rock style is abrilliant idea for many, really so many, occasion, to be celebrated and remembered, just for its duality and versatility.

And you can easily create it by yourself, with all the contrasting combinations that come to your mind: just open your wardrobe and play with matching garments with different moods, by color or pattern, or by aesthetic line.

Not by chance always more frequently you can find dresses that change their connotation with just a few accessories: like our skirts. They were born feminine in the 50s, but with suspenders or cropped dungarees top, always both included, they become formal and professional or casual. This also depending on the shoe with which you decide to accompany your perfect rock look, distinctive, and just for this suitable, for any context.


Because when you mix strong pieces from your wardrobe, or those that most represent your taste, with other basics or opposite trends, you don't create your rock outfit only. In addition to not homologating yourself to a ready-to-use pre-constructed fashion, you tell who you are with authenticity. Your charisma.


And this can be a source of interest, or renewed attraction, for those who, seeing you, were attracted by it, thus offering Eros another arrow to shoot from his bow at you!

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