Infinity dress: infinite ways to dress not only for the big day

If there is an infinity dress for the big day, for which there is all of time to be ready, wouldn't it be wonderful to dress "infinity" every day, delirious as they are today? Being stylish more often than rarely, according to us at SheSide, is also useful as well as pleasant!

But let's go in an orderly fashion.

We are talking about the bridesmaid dress, which can be worn in many ways, or "infinity” ones as called in English.

The wedding witness, usually emotionally and physically close to the bride, helps her to manouvre in her wedding dress by managing her veil, train and bouquet between the photographer and the guests, so that her most important day be perfect also.

Infinity dress SheSide gonne mille modi 1

Exactly for this "role", in her "thousand ways" dress, she must be able to move with agility next to the bride but also with an appearance worthy of her position. And so it is thanks to the right model and fabric.

So which ones? The model has a fixed part, from the waist down, which goes down to the knee, but more often to the floor. Instead, the top can be customized in the neckline, front or back, and in the sleeves: it is created with two bands of fabric that wrap around the bust from the waist creating various draping effects. And then you can go to all the possible intersections that leave the back or the arms uncovered. And to have this flexibility, the fabric can only be soft and falling.

Infinity dress SheSide gonne mille modi 2

So done, the convertible bridesmaid dress couldn't be more suitable even when the bride wants more than one by her side. In fact, having chosen the same color for all, each one can adapt the version of the crop top to her physicality, without appearing in an impersonal uniform.

Just for this versatility, the transformable dress can be worn in several variations even for following anniversaries, perhaps a twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, Christmas, New Year's, or other special events.

Being transformable is also the precious peculiarity of the SheSide skirt, because in its dungaree version, one of the various possible ones, it is just "thousand ways dress”.

Infinity dress SheSide gonne mille modi 3

First of all, this skirt has a double length, so it can be long but midi also. Thus, in the first case, it is perfect for a ceremony, which par excellence requires a long dress code. In the second one, instead, the same skirt but shorter, it is super in everyday life, therefore without sacrificing practicality.

Infinity dress SheSide gonne mille modi 4
Infinity dress SheSide gonne mille modi 5

And then with suspenders and dungarees top, its two alternating accessories, it goes from a bon ton chic style, when it's simple, to a formal or sporty one. By simply closing 2 buttons or a zip, i.e. a single skirt offers "infinite" ways to dress the needs and image of those who choose it.

Infinity dress SheSide gonne mille modi 6

Ecco come l’infinity dress da giorno speciale di SheSide rende grande molti altri giorni.

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