Skirt or trousers? It depends on who you are and what you do

Are you a metropolitan princess or a peace warrior as in Hunger Games? You can solve the choice between a skirt or trousers mainly replying to this: who are you, what do you do and what do you want.

GONNA o PANTALONI - SheSide skirt or trousers 1

Satisfy as many of your needs, practical and ideal, and your doubt will soon vanish.

In practice, stand in front of the mirror dressed only, for the moment, in a healthy realism and find what is to be rewarded about your body: the legs, the neckline, the harmony of the proportions.


Then think about your lifestyle: if you spend most of your days on the move in dynamic activities, but not traveling for example, trousers are more practical. If you do an office job, the skirt is a good choice, also to satisfy your need to like yourself. The aesthetic one too is a natural human need, no less important than comfort, because both feed your safety, and for this reason it must be listened to.

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And here comes the “shoes” theme: yes heels or no heels? But you just need to look around to see that it's not anymore, because, with a skirt or trousers, it's just a personal choice: and, for you, only you can make this one.

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Just as wearing high or low shoes is not a problem of comfort, but rather of habit, nor is it that of being sensitive to the cold, unless in winter you spend most of your time outdoors, like street vendors.

Now it's your turn to do your part and, if skirt or pants, it will depend on how you are physically, how you like to see yourself and for what use you need it.

Gonna o pantaloni SheSide 6 skirt or trousers

What we can do is show you how we designed SheSide skirts, for those who feel more like a princess than an Amazon. Made in eco-design and in very colorful recovered fabrics, we wanted them imagining ourselves a bit like modern first ladies, even when we don't have someone by our side. Fanciful, and sporty when needed, in a single piece, to wear them on any occasion: we like to think that they express feminine resilience and versatility, without shouting it out nor going unnoticed!

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