Long skirt: the right passepartout for mid-seasons

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There are those who adore it and those who just can't make it their own: yet the long skirt is the best passpartout to open the doors of the new hot season, as well as the cold one at the end of summer.
It's like a "stargate" between winter and summer temperatures to adapt slowly and without thermal shocks to the incoming climate. Long skirts are worn after packing pants and before fresh dresses.

But the temperature is not the only reason to choose this garment for spring and autumn. In the mid-seasons in fact, are concentrated certain dates to remember such as weddings, wedding anniversaries, religious events to which show up properly. And what better way than with an elegant long skirt?

And do you know why? Because you kill 2 birds with one stone. First, the versatility of this type of skirt allows you to be perfect both for a ceremony and for a business dinner. And, two, without the thought of heels.

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Just its length, and sumptuousness, catalyzes the attention of any gaze. In other words, feet and shoes take a back seat under a long high-waisted skirt, the shape of which directs the eye of the viewer upwards. And you are so less constrained in the choice of shoes as, instead, if you wore a classic sheath dress, where the shoe is not secondary to the dress and indeed, in the total look, it becomes just as important.

What shoes to wear with a long skirt

Whether they're ballet flats, flat sandals, moccasins or even nice lace-ups or sneakears, if you're not used to high-tops, it's no longer a problem: ah how wonderful!

The only advice we feel like giving you is to be comfortable you: in this way, moving confidently and casually, the one who will stand out above everything is you.

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How to wear a long skirt

Here, then how do you wear a long skirt? There is only one rule and it's simple: place its waistband exactly on your waist point. Above, use the top you prefer as long as it is slim. The concept is that maxi blouse on maxi skirt also not! It seems that "Mrs. Maria" in the very old advertisement for the gled magic toilet "which comes early, finishes early and usually doesn't clean the toilet", stuff for boomers!

Or better: if the goal, and it should be, is to create harmony in the figure, to balance the volume of long high-waisted skirts, above it is better to avoid oversized garments strong>. This is the most suitable outfit for those with shapely legs or those who tend to gain weight in the lower part of the body, as in triangle build.

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What to wear with long skirts

If you wonder at this point what to combine with long skirts, go easy with any blouse or shirt up to the belt, no further and better if close-fitting, which does not mean smaller than 2 sizes. Even with batwing sleeves it's fine, if you need to give importance to your upper part: but it must be clearly visible that the waist point is your smallest circumference. This is how your silhouette gains momentum. For shoes, as we said before, both high and low, elegant but also sporty or rock, are good. Here you have total carte blanche.

Cosa abbinare con le gonne lunghe SheSide - what to wear with long skirts web

After that, you'll be happy to know that if the long skirt doesn't quite convince you, SheSide has designed one that also includes a shorter version. The skirt is one, but whether it's long or not is up to you!

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