Ketogenic diet or 50s skirt with elasticated waistline?

After the holidays and, with them all the leftovers after Christmas lunches and dinners, how to get back in shape?

You have 3 options, better if combined, and you have also to consider the time factor:
the first solution, immediate, without effort and the most ingenious , is the 50s Sheside SKIRT whose elasticated waistline allows the resizing of about 5cm, almost one size. The curl at the waist is only on the back and guarantees a perfect fit, and when the circumference of the waist varies, it is maintained the balance of the proportions.

The second choice, if you are going to losing weight, seems to be the ketogenic diet, to which the rice diet is preferred here (better: "risotto"!) Because eating is a pleasure, especially when the food is good.
Doing a healthy physical activity, better if in the open air, is the third option but this one also takes its time and, at this moment, it unfortunately seems a less easy condition than usual to implement.

Now, the choice is yours!

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