Time of wardrobe change or of dresses that change?

Is it better the wardrobe change or clothing that changes as needed? This is the question to ask to avoid the hateful rite at every midseason, skipping all the golden rules, useful tips or practical tricks, which are not decisive, if every spring and every autumn we are all over again!

cambio armadio o gonna trasformabile SheSide 0

Yes "hateful": have you ever heard someone say "Wow that's nice: it's time to rearrange wardrobes and dressers!"?

It is from here that it is interesting to start. The wardrobe change, in fact, is not just a mini move, so time and energy that you take away twice a year from the most stimulating exhibition of your favorite designer, or from a relaxing reading.

cambio armadio o gonna trasformabile SheSide

It is a sort of half-yearly personal report. You have to go through each sweater and decide which to keep and which to let go. You have to understand if that striped dress can give you other satisfactions with new accessories. If is better to get rid of the black one, on the other hand, because of the nerves that it makes you have every time you see it: it cost you an arm and a leg and you only wore it once! You have to evaluate if in the next few months you will be able to lose weight to get into those pants, or maybe you have to take note that a certain season of your life is definitively closed to wear that top.

That's why wardrobe change is painful. It puts the truth in front of you. It forces you to make new choices. And it doesn't matter if you are ready to do it or feel like it: you don't decide whether to tidy up your wardrobe or not, nor can you plan when to do it. The weather determines it! And it is unquestionable.

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cambio armadio o gonna trasformabile SheSide 2
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And if the clothes help us not to suffer this little "bullying"? Yes, if it were the clothes that changed, according to the temperature with or without padding or sleeves maybe, and according to the style needed with or without collars, rouches, braces and all the most useful details?

SheSide skirts have this concept: they are transformable!

They are skirts in four seasons Jacquard fabrics. They all have a flexible strap to better modulate the waistline, in case it increases or decreases. And they have two accessories, to be applied freely, to diversify the mood, and adapt it to the occasion.

So your closet is tidier. More spacious. And you have more time for yourself.

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